When to Start the Interior Design Process

One of our most frequently asked questions is when and if our clients need to bring in an interior designer for their home extension/renovation (at House Architects we offer interior design services with most of our packages). Many of us think of interior designers coming in towards the end to help with colour palettes and soft furnishings to complete the final look, but the reality is much more complex than that!

The best tip we can offer is to bring interior design in from the very start. This is because interior design isn’t just about cushions; it involves everything from the placement of light fittings and plug sockets to the overall ‘flow’ of your living space. The way you will use your interior space affects the build. The last thing anyone wants is to get into bed in your brand new bedroom only to discover there are no plug sockets within reach of your bed!

Planning your interior as soon as possible also helps keep the project on budget and avoid delays. When your contractors know exactly what interior features will be installed they can move ahead efficiently, without the homeowner wandering through and asking for an extra light here, a plug socket to be moved there or even plumbing for a previously unplanned sink or bathtub… while these tweaks are small to change on a screen during the design stage they require a lot more work to change once the build has started! Knowing the features, flooring etc you want for the final result also helps determine what materials you will require in advance, meaning you can predict your spend and stay in budget. Making decisions as you go along is a sure fire way to spend more than you wanted; in hindsight you may have comprised on a slightly cheaper flooring option if you knew you would have to splash out on your dream wall tiles.

At House Architects one of the initial and most crucial steps in planning your home renovation is a Design Consultation. Once you have had an initial consultation to discuss your requirements and ask any questions you may have, your architect should have a good idea of what you are looking for (Top Tip: rather than simply thinking about what you would like doing such as an extension or wall knocking through, try to focus on what you need from your new home. Your architect will likely have alternate ideas to achieve what you’re looking for that you hadn’t even thought of!). Following a measured survey to assess your homes existing structure, layout and property boundaries, your architect will then draw up design options ready for your design consultation… and it’s time for the exciting part! During the live consultation we can tweak designs and mix and match solutions live until we create the perfect layout for your renovation.

How Can I Plan My Interior Before I Have Even Seen My New Home?

At House Architects not only can we can create 2D renders to show you the final result of your planned designs, we can create 3D virtual reality walkthroughs; using our VR Headset you can physically walk around your new home design to ensure every detail is perfect for you and spot any required changes before we have even broken ground! See an example here: https://www.house-architects.co.uk/blog/two-storey-extension-one/

If you are thinking of improving your home, we offer an initial free consultation with Catherine to discuss your needs and ideas, and the potential solutions, costs, timescales and permissions that could suit your requirements. Book online at: https://www.house-architects.co.uk/book-a-consultation/


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