Top Kitchen/Diner Design Trends for 2021

When planning for a new kitchen/diner design the inspiration available online and on platforms such as Pinterest is fantastic and yet seemingly endless. The key to a good kitchen/diner design is combining functionality with stylish features without compromising one for the other. It is also important to think about longevity. Kitchens are expensive and you want to choose a design that will stay in style for years to come, whilst keeping up with modern trends.

We have compiled our top kitchen/diner design trends for 2021 to help you find functional, stylish ideas that will remain on trend for years to come. Visit https://www.pinterest.co.uk/TheHouseArchitectsUK/2021-kitchendiner-design-trends/ for more inspiration, all images and credits.

Compact Designs

Making the most of space isn’t just common sense anymore, it’s a trend. In the year of 2020 we have all found ourselves looking for ways to optimise our home living space, for many of us out kitchens have doubled up as a home working space, or it has become the main social space used by the family as we spend more time at home.

There are many benefits to compact design, not least being less clutter and maximum efficiency. When looking to make the most of your space, think about how each area of the kitchen will be utilised. Think about where and how you would like to prepare food and what you will need close to hand, as well as other activities you would like to use your kitchen/diner for. Is a breakfast bar right for your lifestyle, or do you prefer a lower island for cooking and serving?

Don’t be afraid to include an island or breakfast bar in smaller spaces; the units underneath can add valuable storage and bring a sociable aspect where a dining table can’t be fitted. Kitchens and kitchen/diners have become the desirable social space over the last couple of decades, so making the space as efficient and sociable as possible will ensure the style of your kitchen/diner design remains on trend for years to come and will help improve the future saleability of your property.


Open-plan is out and broken-plan is in! Broken-plan involves breaking up an open-plan space, either by the original build design, or by using freestanding shelving units, screens, internal windows or even a raised breakfast bar to create ‘zones’ within the open-plan space. The benefits of broken-plan include keeping the open-plan feel, flow and light whilst creating distinct spaces for cooking, eating, reading, relaxing or entertaining. This style is so easily adaptable to individual preferences it is sure to continue to appeal for years to come.

2-Tone Kitchen Units

Monotone kitchens have begin to make way for a little mix and match. This striking look can be achieved by combining painted units with wood, mixing up your eye-level and base-level units or having your kitchen island or breakfast bar a contrasting colour, for a modern, eye-catching look. 

Handleless Design

Not only is handleless design perfect for family homes, it creates a sleek, streamlined look that is perfect for modern or industrial style designs. 


Industrial interiors are huge at the moment and will continue to be a big trend for 2021. The overall style of using raw materials rich in texture and colour combined with sleek metals is one that is almost ageless. The look can be achieved by repurposing natural materials alongside metals and lots of complimenting fittings. 

Dining Island

We are all familiar with the dining table and kitchen island, but for those with less space, awkward dimensions or a young family a dining island could be perfect. It replaces the full kitchen island with a normal dining table, a style which particularly suits young families, allowing you to cook and serve island style whilst your guests (and your littles) sit comfortably at the table. 

Double Islands

Another more luxurious take on kitchen islands (if you have the space and budget) is double islands. This design allows you to optimise space and storage based on the individual uses, perhaps one is for cooking and serving, and the other contains your sink and wine cooler? Either way, the look is striking and can allow for a contrasting work surface to create a bold and functional finish.


A quick look on Instagram will reveal 2020s love for pantries. Smart storage is all the rage, and as a trend that will continue to be useful it is unlikely to go away anytime soon. Incorporating a unit with smart storage options inside is much more modern, and much more useful than the standard 2 shelf units where we all know items pushed to the back will surely disappear between clean-outs. 

Concealed Appliances

Touching again on the trend for streamlined kitchen designs and handleless units, concealed appliances are another integral part of this trend. Whilst your appliances can form an integral part of your kitchen design, concealing them can make just as much of a bold statement.

Statement Fittings

It isn’t all about your doors and work surfaces anymore. Everything from your door handles to your fridge/freezer can make a statement and completely change/finish your look. Huge trends that match a wide variety of styles from block colours and two-tone to streamlined and industrial designs are the use of bold metals. Think matching brass, chrome or gold for your sink, taps, appliances and light fittings to lift and contrast for an on-trend, stylish finish result.

Of course, everyone’s individual style is unique. The key to a successful kitchen/diner is to ensure the space works for you. Whether that is including a built-in study nook, you can’t wait to serve cocktails at your breakfast bar, you need a huge table for lots of crafting with the kids or you love to cook and needs lots of preparation space, your architect will be able to show you a range of styles and features that meet your requirements to create your perfect space.

For more home design, interiors, extension and renovation inspiration visit https://www.pinterest.co.uk/TheHouseArchitectsUK/2021-kitchendiner-design-trends/ or visit https://www.house-architects.co.uk/book-a-consultation/ to book a free consultation.

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