Single Storey Extension

This case study revolves around the addition of a single-storey side extension, specifically designed to fulfil the requirements of a retired couple who aimed to future-proof their home. The primary purpose of this extension was to create a utility room and a convenient downstairs shower room, catering to the couple’s evolving needs and ensuring their home remains functional and accessible in the long run.

To ensure the retired couple’s goals were met, a collaborative approach was adopted throughout the project. The initial phase involved intensive planning and coordination, where the couple actively participated alongside the design team. Executing the extension required a skilled and cohesive construction team consisting of architects, contractors, and tradespeople.

The images highlight the seamless integration of the new extension with the existing structure. These visuals effectively convey how teamwork and attention to detail result in a cohesive design that not only fulfills the couple’s needs but also enhances the overall functionality and aesthetic appeal of their home.

We are thrilled with the end results, and most importantly, so are our clients.


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