How to find an Architect in Manchester

If you’re looking to extend or refurbish your home in Manchester then one of the first steps is to research Architects in Manchester. It’s important to find out a little bit about what they do and which sectors they work in, to see if they’re the right fit for your project. So here’s the House Architects guide to finding ‘the one’ for your home…

Some architects in Manchester deal with commercial, healthcare, education and transport sectors on a day-to-day basis. Others deal in the residential sector. Of those that are residential architects some work on larger housing association schemes or with developers who are looking to then sell their properties on.

If you’re looking for an interior architect in Manchester, the best type of practice to go for is one that deals in the domestic residential sector. Ideally they should deal exclusively with residential home owners. “Why?” I hear you ask. A practice who works at this scale will have familiarity with a diverse range of house layouts that are designed around home owners themselves. They will know what works, what doesn’t work, what pitfalls to avoid, how to get the most amount of light in your home, which kitchen layouts to recommend, the best way to convert your loft, how to make the most of your outdoor spaces etc, etc… They will also have a wealth of experience dealing with planning issues to do with party walls, neighbours etc and they will probably have experience of gaining permissions in conservation areas and for listed buildings.

Where an architects practice deals with larger jobs in other sectors as well as smaller domestic residential jobs like your average house extension, the priority for those practices will be for the big fee earning job. You may find that your humble (but aspirational!) house extension doesn’t get the care and attention you would like from a larger practice like this. With a practice of architects in Manchester that deals exclusively in the domestic residential sector, and with average sized house extensions, you know that your project is important to the architect. Just as important as any other project they have on at that time. Therefore your project should get the full care and attention that’s required to deliver your dream home.

At Pride Road architects we deal exclusively in the domestic residential sector and have a team with decades of experience of designing house extensions. We offer a free initial consultation at your home which you can book here.

With a wealth of experience at your disposal to help you design the right solution for your home you can move forward knowing you’ve chosen the right architect for your project. Here are the services that an architect provides for your project broken down into 3 easy to understand stages:


The first stage of any project is for you and your architect to work together to come up with a design you’re happy with. It’s a good idea when looking for architects in Liverpool to make sure your architect will spend time with you discussing your wishes and requirements and be sure that they understand a bit about your lifestyle to be able to design the best solution for your extension. At Pride Road we offer a Concept Design Workshop where our Liverpool Architect will come out to your home and spend either a half day or full day with you designing your extension and responding to your feedback there and then. Here’s a video of what to expect at a concept design workshop.


When you are happy with your design, your architect or an architectural technician will then produce the planning drawings. The  planning application is then submitted to the local council to obtain permission for the design. Your chosen practice should then be able to manage the application through the planning process and keep you updated throughout. They will inform you as to where the application is up to and when you are due a decision from the council.

Building Regulations

The final stage which gets you to the point that you are ready to build is the building regulations stage. Your architects practice will produce a set of detailed drawings. These are then submitted to a building inspector for them to give approval. A structural engineer should usually get involved at this stage in order to provide structural calculations. They provide calculations for things like knocking through walls and supporting existing structure. Your architect should be able to advise you on appointing a structural engineer. The architect should also advise you on CDM Principal Designer regulations too.

Click here for more information on how Pride Road Architects works through these design stages with our clients or to book an appointment with your Liverpool Architect for Pride Road click here.

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