Hiring a Project Manager

If you are thinking of proceeding with an extension or home renovation, you may be wondering whether or not to engage a Quantity Surveyor or ‘Project Manager’, or manage it yourself. Our advice, particularly if your renovation is likely to cost £30,000 or above or involve complex works, would be to engage an experienced Project Manager to ensure your renovation progresses smoothly and completes within budget.

There are many fees involved with a home renovation, such as your Architect fees, Structural Engineer, Building Inspector and planning fees, so it can understandably be tempting to go without a Project Manager to save on these fixed costs. However, this can likely end up costing you more.

What Does a Quantity Surveyor/Project Manager Do?

A Project Manager will have lots of experience managing projects from start to finish, meaning you can get on with your day to day life whilst they handle site visits, progress meetings, ensure contractors are booked in at the correct stages and the project completes on time whilst keeping you informed. They also have excellent knowledge of the expected costs for different types of work and materials, and will give you an estimation of how much the full works of your chosen design should cost before you approach contractors. Once you have received quotes from contractors, your Project Manager will be able to assist you with checking your quotes, conducting cost comparisons and let you know which costs are correct or even unreasonable!

How can a Quantity Surveyor/Project Manage save me money?

One of the primary roles of a Project Manager is ensuring a project completes within budget and keeping costs down. Having them check and compare your quotes and advise on any unexpected changes along the way ensures you don’t end up paying over the odds for any of your resources, keeping costs down.

A Project Manager will also be able to advise on where you can save money without affecting the quality of the works. Overall, engaging a Project Manager should cost less than managing it yourself!

At House Architects we offer this service in-house; like everything we do our packages are designed with the convenience of our clients in mind. To view our packages visit: https://www.house-architects.co.uk/services-and-pricing/


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