Enlisting an Architect for a Smaller Refurbishment

As well as doing larger house extensions and refurbishments, we also handle smaller refurbishment projects here at House Architects. This case study is a perfect example of a smaller refurbishment project!

A retired couple, Mary and Philip, wanted to accommodate a large walk-in shower in their small first-floor bathroom rather than their existing bathroom suite. The bathroom in their large 4-bed Victorian terraced house was disproportionately small in comparison to the size of the house. Whilst they had used the bath in their house when their four children were small, since their kids have grown up and flown the nest they only ever used their bath as a shower. They decided a walk-in shower would be more suitable and would futureproof the bathroom meaning they didn’t have to step in and out of a bath to use the shower.

Initially, they had thought that the only way to get more space in their bathroom would be to extend to the rear of their house as they couldn’t see a way to accommodate more space in the room without doing this. However when looking at the various options with their architect Catherine, they discovered that they didn’t have to extend at all as they could instead reconfigure the internal layout to give them what they wanted. This alone saved them in the 10s of thousands by not extending.

Mary and Philip hadn’t undertaken any building work for almost 40 years since they had moved into their Victorian Terraced family home, so they chose to engage House Architects to protect manage the build from start to finish.

The design for the bathroom included moving a stud wall to create more space and also taking some space off the large landing to accommodate a large walk-in shower. As the architect on this project, Catherine came up with 3 different design options and reviewed them with Philip and Mary as well as their builder. Together they decided on the best option which would provide the most space. Catherine then advised on interior design and finishes, including a colour scheme, tiles and helping to choose the fittings.

During the refurbishment the architect liaised with the builder to talk through any issues and check the progress of the work. 

The finished result is a beautiful, modern bathroom, with a large shower and plenty more space to move around comfortably! The tiles chosen for the floor are a traditional Mediterranean inspired pattern in a fresh blue and white. The individually patterned tiles are interspersed with white tiles to break up the heaviness of the pattern on the floor. The walls are finished with clean white tiles halfway up, with a fresh sky blue paint chosen for above the tiles to the ceiling. The shower tray was sunken into the floor to prevent having to step over a threshold into the shower itself, and its dimensions are a generous 1400mm in length by 750mm wide.

If you are planning a smaller refurbishment in your home enlisting an architect to assist with the planning and project management can save you valuable time and money. At House Architects we seek to understand your requirements and provide a number of design options to meet your needs, whether it be finding space for a home office, extra bedroom or utility room within your existing house footprint or adding space via a loft conversion or extension. Our architects can advise every step of the way and ensure you find the perfect design solution for your home. If you want to find out more visit our frequently asked questions page. Alternatively you can start the process of engaging an architect for your project by booking a free initial consultation with the architect for your area. Book your free consultation today.


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