Architectural Design Consultations- What to Expect

When should I have an architectural design consultation?

One of the initial and most crucial steps in planning your home renovation is a Design Consultation. Once you have had an initial consultation to discuss your requirements and ask any questions you may have, your architect should have a good idea of what you are looking for (Top Tip: rather than simply thinking about what you would like doing such as an extension or wall knocking through, try to focus on what you need from your new home. Your architect will likely have alternate ideas to achieve what you’re looking for that you hadn’t even thought of!). Following a measured survey to assess your homes existing structure, layout and property boundaries, your architect will then draw up design options ready for your design consultation… and it’s time for the exciting part!

What to expect during a design consultation.

At House Architects we like to draw up both floor plans and use Virtual Reality to display design options to our clients. Your architect will usually have a few different designs based on both your requirements and the building possibilities of your specific home for you to choose from. 

The aim of this session is to help you visualise the different options available to you. Here is an example below:

Our clients primary requirements was an open plan kitchen/diner and living space to the ground floor with potential for a utility room, plus an extra bedroom or possibly two to the first floor. They specified they didn’t want a unified, square open-plan space but rather a zoned interior design approach to add interest and character to the design and keep areas separate whilst keeping the open-plan flow. They were open to extending and/or converting their garage to achieve their requirements.

We created a number of plans for them to choose from with different extension styles and sizes focusing on meeting their requirements with varying budget options and varying levels of zoning to give them a range of choice. 

During your consultation we are able to modify plans live, take preferred elements from different designs to achieve the overall perfect plan for your home. 

Your architect will also discuss the timelines, costs and building requirements as well as potential planning implications and the permissions you will need to help you decide what is right for you. 

What are the next steps?

Once you’ve decided on your preferred design and decided to go head, it’s time to obtain planning permission from your local authority, obtain building regulations approval and finally, source reputable contractors to carry out the work. It may sound daunting, but your architect and their technical team will prepare the necessary designs and applications for you, source contractors and manage the project from start to finish. 

If you would like to begin your design process with a free consultation: https://www.house-architects.co.uk/book-a-consultation/

Check out the full architectural design consultation at: https://youtu.be/jJf_z4x0QBo

Should you progress with our Virtual Reality Design Consultation, here you can see the result…


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