8 Different Kitchen Layouts

What’s the best kitchen layout for my home?

When it comes to designing your kitchen, layout is everything. Arranging your fridge, hob and sink no more than 6ft apart will make your day to day use of the space a lot easier, and there are many different ways to achieve this. Which of these classic kitchen types is most similar to your home? 

Galley Kitchen Layout

Great for small spaces, the galley kitchen has two runs of parallel worktops and units with a walkway in the middle. It offers an efficient use of space and, as such, it’s a preferred layout for many celebrity chefs.

Island Unit Kitchen Layout

Having a kitchen island adds additional worktop surface to a kitchen and can be used to house appliances and extra cupboard storage. It can also provide space for breakfast bar style seating for less formal dining.

L-Shaped Kitchen Layout

Using an L-Shaped layout for your kitchen helps to make the most of your corner space and provides you with an open plan room for you to combine your kitchen and dining area. The downside to this layout is that your back will be facing your guests whilst you’re cooking, which may be undesirable if you enjoy entertaining!

Peninsula Kitchen Layout

A Peninsula layout can turn an L-shaped kitchen into a U-shaped kitchen and provides a social, informal dining space. Using a peninsula instead of an island is a good idea if you are limited on space but want the functionality of an island.

U-Shaped Kitchen Layout

The U-shaped kitchen allows you to maximise your storage space by having cupboards and units on three walls of the kitchen. Where your kitchen isn’t big enough to house an island, a U-shape design means that your sink, fridge and hob are never far from one another, making for a practical and usable space. (P.S. We love these fish-scale tiles in this London kitchen below! What do you think?)

Single Wall Kitchen Layout

In dwellings where space is a luxury, the single wall kitchen layout is the ultimate way to save space, but a single wall kitchen also looks great in a larger open plan space too. By arranging your units in a way that maximises storage, having your kitchen on one wall means you can use the space in the rest of your room for a dining table or other furniture.

Double Island Unit Kitchen Layout

If the space can afford it, another popular kitchen layout on the rise is the double island, meaning, essentially, that you have 2 islands units. or an island and a peninsula unit. This option provides an amazing flow of space, provided of course you have the space to play with. If you’re extending several meters to an already decent sized house then this is a layout you may wish to consider!

Hidden Pantry Kitchen Layout

For those of us who want it all (but don’t have the space), including clever hidden storage in your kitchen layout means you’ll feel like you have a pantry (when you don’t really!). This space saving option is great for all those foodies out there who love to have a large range of ingredients to drawn on when the mood strikes them, but who don’t have the space for a separate pantry! What do you think of this clever hidden pantry below?

If you’re looking for advice on the best kitchen layout for your home, you can speak with your local architect Catherine by booking a free initial consultation here.


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