5 ways to make your house fun for kids during lockdown!

Here’s the House guide to entertaining your kids whilst in lockdown!

1. Play hide and seek

If youre looking for a more engaing or wholesome activity for the kids to do than playing on the tablet constantly during lockdown, use your home to create a bit of fun, and play a good old fashioned game of hide and seek. If you’re feeling mischevious this can also buy you a good 5-10 minutes of uninterupted peace whilst the kids think youre busy looking for them! ;D

herbal tea, cup, tea

2. Make a den

Children love being creative with space, and it only takes a few old bedsheets to make a space that they feel inspired to spend time playing in!

3. Camp in the garden

To really make a mini adventure for them, dig out the old tent from the loft, dust it off and get your kids to help you set it up in the garden! You can get out your old camping equipment and do some cooking outdoors!

fire, campfire, tent camp

4. Make a chalk wall

If you have an old peice of plyboard lying around or a section of wall in the kids bedroom thats suitable, you can buy chalkboard paint and paint a wall where the kids can get creative with chalks. This will create a space for them to get creative (or be messy!).

5. Create a calm zone

If you have the space in your house to be able to create a calm zone (or a calm room), then when your kids need less stimulation and and to be calm, they can utilise a space like this. Make sure it’s a space thats relaxing and put calming toys in there, perhaps removing any ipads or distracting gadgets! Don’t neglect yourself either though, adults need to rest too! We love this idea of creating a gazebo sanctuary in the garden (for Mum’s and Dad’s only!).

For more ideas about how to use your home and garden, check out our FAQs page for more ideas from the Architects at House.


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