5 tips for designing a better garden

1. Make sure your pathways are wide enough for comfortable passage. Your main thoroughfares should be wide enough for at least two people to walk side by side in your garden. 

2. Leave plenty of headroom under archways, arbors, and pergolas. It is usually considered to be 7 feet as a minimum. This may sound high, but outdoor structures tend to look smaller than they would if they were indoors. Plus, it’s better to be safe than sorry and to avoid butting heads. 

3. Consider aesthetics when choosing your outdoor furniture. Think about the overall theme on your plot. The top trend at the moment is rattan.

4. Give your plants room to grow. A plant’s roots need space so that they can spread out and absorb water and nutrients. When plants grow too close together, they have to compete for these resources.

5. Plants can do more in the garden than sit around and look pretty. The right plants, used the right way, can actually add comfort and utility to your garden. Conifers and broad-leaved evergreens can protect your garden from winds. A well-placed tree or tall shrub border can provide a shady oasis in the heat of a summer’s afternoon. 


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