5 Tips for a Hygge Home

You may have noticed the Danish concept of ‘Hygge’ popping up on your social media feeds, or that this years Autumn/Winter collections are FULL of Scandinavian-inspired pieces, natural textures, candles and cosy, textured soft furnishings.

But what is it? ‘Hygge’, pronounced ‘hue-gah’, is a Danish word meaning “a quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being”. Denmark consistently comes in as one of the happiest countries in the world, and many Danes attribute this to the Hygge lifestyle that is such a defining characteristic of Danish culture.

If ‘Hygge’ could be the secret to happiness, it makes sense to incorporate as much Hygge in to our lives as possible, and the home is the heart of all things Hygge. Decorating your space Hygge-style not only looks good, it feels good too, and so we’re not surprised it has exploded in popularity. Here are our top tips for bringing Hygge into your home…

Credit: Kenzie Little

Create a Nook

The first thing you need for a hygge home is a cosy corner you can curl up in to relax. If redecorating the whole house isn’t on the cards, just one little corner of Hygge or a ‘Hyggekrog’ will make all the difference. Find a corner (preferably by a window so you can watch the world outside), fill it with comfortable cushions, soft blankets, warm lighting and candles and you have the perfect place to don your cosiest socks and enjoy a hot drink over a good book.

Credit: The Basket Company

Get a Fireplace

30% of Danish homes have a fireplace compared to just 3.5% of the UK. Fireplaces are both warm and cosy, important ingredients for Hygge, and tick all the interior design boxes for looking great. You will also be hard pushed to find someone that doesn’t enjoy the soft crackling of logs burning on a fire; the sound of ultimate cosiness.

Credit: homesandgardens.com

Choose Wood

Wood is natural and simple. Incorporating plenty of wood in your home, with anything from furniture to kids toys, will bring you closer to nature and help you achieve the Scandi-inspired look.

Credit: afloral.com

Add Natural Materials

It’s all about texture and feeling closer to nature. Running your fingers over soft wool or freshly cut wood. Bringing natural materials into your home will level up your Hygge game. Anything from soft wool blankets and indoor plants to pinecones and broken twigs can be strategically placed for a stunning overall look.


Create a Bookshelf

Hygge is about enjoying the simple things in life, feeling cosy, warm and relaxed. Pack your bookshelf with all your favourite reads to reach for when you get some downtime. Even if you aren’t a reader, a bookshelf with photo albums is much more Hygge than scrolling through a phone, and much more enjoyable.

Credit: westwingnow.de

Bonus Tip: Candles!

Candles are the ultimate Hygge-maker. Spread them around your home and light them on dark evenings. Faux candles and fairy lights are also a great option to introduce that soft, flickering light without a live flame.


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