5 Open Plan Layouts We’re Loving This June

This fantastic use of space demonstrated perfectly that you don’t need the biggest room to be able to comfortably create distinct zones for cooking, eating and relaxing. The layout of this open-plan design manages to incorporate a raised breakfast bar, as well as a dining table and comfortable sofa to relax alongside the kitchen, perfect for family living or entertaining.

If your available space is short and wide, designing your areas to sit parallel to each other can make the most of the available space and create an enviable aesthetic. In the above example, the kitchen island, dining table, sofa and coffee table create clean lines and leave plenty of space between.

A studio… but make it luxury. Open-plan is as much about how you fill it as the room shape. The clever use of a glass wall and curtain creates a separate bedroom area without sacrificing light, whilst the bold, structured furniture and use of statement light fittings creates separate zones within the rest of the room. This interior designer has created distinct living areas within one space, whilst still keeping it bright and open.

Kitchen with Island extended breakfast Bar, pendant lights

An alternative to having a breakfast bar/kitchen island is the ‘dining island’. This solution is great if you don’t have space for an additional dining table, not to mention extremely practical.

Dark Unit Kitchen with Island and Breakfast Bar

Double island layouts- this is the ultimate luxury and great if you enjoy cooking, entertaining or generally spend a lot of time in the kitchen! The dedicated breakfast bar allows guests (or the kids) to sit back and enjoy themselves without getting in the way of food preparation, and the extra cupboard space can’t go amiss!

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