5 Advantages of Hiring an Architect

You may be torn about whether or not to instruct an architect, whether it be due to costs or because you feel architects are only necessary for larger projects. There are many benefits to hiring an architect, whether it be for a full house build or large extension, or a simple internal layout reconfiguration.

Your architect will act in your best interest at all times

There are lots of fantastic contractors out there, but some can be swayed by what they view as an easier way of completing work, or they may be inclined to recommend a more expensive option. When you instruct an architect, their sole interest is ensuring your project is completed to a high quality and within budget, and they will be able to advise on costs and quotes you receive from contractors.

They can help you create an amazing design

Bearing in mind your budget and needs, an architect is qualified to give advice on layouts and design solutions you may not have originally thought of. Did you know most of our clients change their minds at the design consultation?! This is because as experienced architects, we can create multiple design options that meet your requirements with varying budget options, to ensure you get the perfect design for your home. There is nothing worse than paying for expensive renovations, only to realise later your home still doesn’t ‘work’ for you.

They can help you keep costs down

Architects have usually managed multiple projects and will have a good idea of the costs involved with various works and materials. No only will they be able to advise on the quotes you receive (particularly any that may be too high!) but they can suggest alternative solutions to help you balance quality with cost.

They can manage your project to ensure the finished work is perfect

Your architect can be on hand to manage quality control, and deal with/advise on any unexpected changes that may come up during the works to ensure the finished project meets your expectations.

They can show you your finished design before you even break ground

At House Architects not only do we produce multiple design options to choose from and combine during your live design consultation, but we can also produce 2D and 3D renders of your chosen design. Using our Virtual Reality Headset you can walkthrough your new home design to ensure every detail is perfect before you have even broken ground.

If you are still unsure about whether you need an architect, book a free initial consultation at https://www.house-architects.co.uk/book-a-consultation/ for a friendly, informal chat about your needs.


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