30 Colourful Interiors to Brighten Up Your Day

Perhaps the most exciting part of your home renovation is planning the interior design. Over the years interior design trends have gone through many phases, from the garish floral prints of the 90s to the hinch-worthy grey and silver houses of Instagram. Recent trends have shown a shift back towards colour, with bright statement kitchens and deep, luxurious jewel tones two of the most popular trends.

It can be hard to know where to start when working with a bright colour scheme, and can definitely be a little daunting! When working with colours you can go full Picasso or, if the thought gives you a headache, use a more refined palette. Research shows colours and emotions are closely linked, so it may really be worth experimenting to create your ultimate ‘happy place’. We recommend starting with a few statement pieces including soft furnishings, prints and ornaments to find your ideal look.

In the meantime, we have compiled 30 colourful interiors to inspire you and brighten up your day!

Could you see yourself living in any of these interiors?

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