10 ways to maximise space in your home!

Wether you have a small home and want to make it look bigger or you have a generous amount of space and you want to make the most of it, here is our House guide to maximising space in your home!

1. Open-Up
Creating windows, knocking through walls and swapping solid doors for glazed doors helps to connect your space and create views through from one room to another, giving the illusion of more space.

2. Create Zones
In a long and narrow space, creating visual barriers using bookcases or screens divides the space into different zones and makes you take in each space separately, giving the suggestion of a larger room.

3. Vertical Storage
In a small kitchen or bedroom, using the full height of the room for your cupboards or wardrobes utilises the usually dead space between the tops of your units and your ceilings.

4. Be Bold
Select a large piece of feature furniture for your small room. It may seem counterintuitive but putting in a striking piece of furniture can make the space feel opulent. Filling the room with tiny furniture can accentuate the feeling of it being tiny space.

5. Multi-tasking Furniture
In a small space, if your furniture doesn’t double up as storage or have some other second function to make your life easier or funner, then think about trading it in for something that does!

6. Let There Be Light
Using brilliant white or other light colours in small rooms makes the room appear lighter, brighter and bigger. Using blinds instead of curtains means that when the blinds are rolled up there is no fabric blocking any light from getting into the room.

Photo by Dyer Grimes ArchitectureMore kids’ room photos

7. Fold Away Furniture
If you can hide something or collapse it when it’s not being used, this can free up space in your room for other functions.

8. Bespoke Storage

Tailor your furniture or shelving to the exact size of your space to utilise every nook and cranny!

9. Mirror, Mirror
Floor to ceiling windows and doors to link indoor and outdoor spaces, and making strategic use of mirrors allows light to enter the room and be reflected, giving the feeling of spaciousness.

10. Create Height
To create the illusion of height in a room with a low ceiling, make sure that the ceiling is a lighter colour than the walls and avoid low hanging pendant lights but try ceiling mounted light shades instead.

If you’re looking for advice on refurbishing or extending your home then book a free online appointment with Catherine Traynor, your local House architect.

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