10 Home Projects to Tackle in 2021

As we continue to spend more time at home, many homeowners are looking to improve their property in 2021. Whether your budget is large or small, here are 10 projects to transform your home and keep you busy in 2021.

1 – Kitchen

The two rooms that can age your property the most are your kitchen and bathroom. If you have been living for too long with an outdated kitchen, this could be the year you replace it! If you don’t currently have the space for your dream kitchen speak to an architect; you may not even need an extension, some reshuffling of your internal layout could lend you the extra square footage you require. A free initial consultation can help you assess your options.

If you aren’t ready to extend/renovate, there are some budget-friendly changes you can make. Replacing door handles, painting your units and/or walls or even just replacing your flooring can modernise and lift the space. Replacing old or tarnished fixtures can also help give the impression of a brand new kitchen.

2 – Bathroom

Next on the list… the bathroom! It is important to think about what you need as well as the future saleability of your property. If a wet room suits you best and this is a long-term property, go for it. Be mindful that if your property and area appeals primarily to families, having a good-quality family bathroom will be a must-have for future buyers. When choosing your fittings remember to balance ‘on-trend’ features with timeless styles. Unless you plan on re-doing your bathroom in the near future, be wary of unusual trends that you may soon tire of. If you aren’t sure what you can fit in your current space, have a chat with an architect. Reconfiguring your interior layout could make all your bathroom dreams possible! Check out our case study: https://www.house-architects.co.uk/blog/enlisting-an-architect-for-smaller-refurbishment/

3 – Extend your home

If you want to enjoy the extra space when summer arrives it’s important to start planning now. Once you have finished the design process (aka, the fun part!) to create your ideal design you will need to apply and wait for the necessary permissions and source reliable contractors to carry out the work (top tip, the best ones get booked dup in advance!). The sooner the start, the more flexibility you can enjoy. To book an initial free consultation with House Architects visit our online diary: https://www.house-architects.co.uk/book-a-consultation/

4 – Decorate exterior of house

It is common to pay less attention to your exterior, especially over the winter months! However, these elements of your home are exposed to harsh weather conditions and require regular maintenance. Spring is a great time to give your exterior some TLC as we head into more dry weather, plus your home will be ready to enjoy in summer. A fresh coat of exterior paint can do wonders.

5 – Refurbish your windows

It is really important to keep your windows in good order, not least to keep down your energy costs! Peeling paint can make a property look a lot more shabby than it really is. Ensuring you have no blown double glazing units, your seals are tight and paintwork tidy keeps your property both cost-efficient and looking fresh.

6- Up-cycle old furniture

If you are tired of your old interior decor but torn between saving your pennies and investing in some new pieces, why not try up-cycling first? Take your old furniture and try re-upholstering, painting, sanding down and glossing wood pieces or simply replacing handles. You will end up with a brand new piece and the possibilities really are endless.

7 – Landscape your garden

Outside space is more valuable now than ever before. Make sure you make the most of it! Planning and planting up now will ensure full flower beds in summer, however tidy borders aren’t for everyone! Think about how you will use your garden, if you don’t like gardening but love to entertain choose low maintenance plants and a large patio to host seating. If you have a major green-thumb and mowing the lawn is your idea of de-stressing, incorporate lots of plants and decorative borders!

8 – Update your flooring

Over the years we have seen a huge shift from primarily carpet to primarily wooden, or imitiation-wood flooring, at least on the ground floor. If you’re lucky enough to have exposed floorboards, treating these every few years will keep them looking in best condition. Whilst imitation-wood such as karndean or laminate can last for a long time, it can eventually be marked, scuffed or scratched, so make sure to replace it when necessary to keep your home looking tidy.

9 – Convert your loft

If you are in need of an extra bedroom and have a decent size loft space, this is often the easiest port of call. A simple loft conversion can usually be carried out under Permitted Development but planning permission might be needed if you want to change the roof line or shape.

Once an architect has confirmed the potential and figured out where/if you can fit stairs, you can start thinking about how to use the space. Loft extensions are a great place to have a ‘den’, play room, guest bedroom or master-suite.

If you don’t have enough space for an extra room, it can still be worth doing a basic conversion for the additional storage, which will free up living space in the rest of the house. For more information about loft conversions check out our blog: A Guide to Loft Conversions

10 – Introduce a new colour scheme for your home

One of the easiest ways to refresh your home is to plan a new colour scheme. We have all seen the grey home trends, particularly across social media but the new trend coming in is to inject colour back into our homes, with colour-blocking, two-tone kitchens and vibrant designs taking over!

You don’t need to spend a fortune. Find one or two bright statement colours that compliment your existing walls, flooring and furniture to accessorise with. A few well placed rugs, cushions, throws or prints can transform a room.

For some colourful interior inspiration check out our blog: 30 Colourful Interiors to Brighten Up Your Week

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